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Garcelle Beauvais Was Relieved When Scandoval Drama Overshadowed Son Oliver Saunders’ Kiss With Raquel Leviss On Vanderpump Rules

Yes, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais might want to find Rachel Raquel Leviss’ current address and maybe send her an Edible Arrangement. Let’s face it, Rachel’s facade of pretending to date around during Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules took an awfully suspect spotlight off of Oliver Saunders.

After Oliver became one of Raquel’s coverups, it didn’t do much for his screen time and it certainly didn’t help his personal reputation. Raquel seemingly played the field after ending her engagement with James Kennedy. There were rumors of hooking up with Tom Schwartz and dating Peter Madrigal. She gave Peter the cold shoulder and her co-stars definitely didn’t want Raquel with Schwartz. That said, at least both of them were technically single and available to date.

That wasn’t the case with Garcelle’s son Oliver and his wife definitely had thoughts about his dalliance with Raquel. It could have turned into a whole situation, but it didn’t thanks to the unveiling of Raquel’s torrid affair with Tom Sandoval.

Garcelle was recently at Sutton Stracke’s anniversary party for her boutique and spoke to Page Six about Oliver and Raquel. Long story short, she’s glad Pump Rules went nuclear because her son makes stupid choices.

She said, “[I was] absolutely [relieved], you read my mind.” For Garcelle’s sake, it’s good Oliver faded to the background of obscurity because for as much as I love Garcelle, we’ve reached the quota of cheating men on VPR for now. And even though it meant Oliver’s “role” was greatly reduced, Garcelle added, “Absolutely, I’m like, ‘OK, maybe not so bad.’”

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Oliver and Raquel inhaled each other’s faces whilst Raquel was on a journey to discover men she could use as a beard during her affair with Zorro Jr. But Oliver had a whole wife named Samantha Saunders at home and he basically looked like a schmuck.

At the time Raquel said Oliver misled her and even Oliver’s wife said their make-out session wasn’t her fault. Oliver did manage to file divorce papers in September 2022 before humiliating his family again. So, that’s nice. Of her firstborn, Garcelle said, “Oliver had a little hand in some stuff. They’re your babies but you can’t control them forever.”

Garcelle suspects Oliver is also pleased his time on Raquel’s scapegoat roster ended sans ceremony. She said, “With Oliver, I’m like, ‘Phew,’ right?”

Like most of us, Garcelle was shocked at the news overload of the VPR scandal. “Who knew how big this was going to be? I mean, there was a ticker tape on CNN about it. And I was like, ‘What is going on?’ I guess people were invested.” Garcelle also snuck in that she and Lisa Vanderpump have discussed Raquel and Tom’s escalando affair “a little bit more in-depth” but refused to drop the details. How rude!

Lisa and Garcelle have enjoyed a growing friendship and Garcelle would love it if she returned to RHOBH. “We have the best time, we kiki. We almost have the same sense of humor. She’s a little dryer than I am. But it would be great. Not everybody would love it, but it would be great.”

Up next, Teddi Mellencamp accuses Lisa of paying Oliver to cheat on his wife so Garcelle could also seemingly be involved in Vanderpump Rules and further drive Teddi into a black hole of jealousy from which she will never return. At this point, anything is possible.


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