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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Kyle Richards Says Lisa Rinna’s Departure Is A “Big Loss”

Dare I say things are looking up for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans? Have we reached the pinnacle of change the show so desperately needs? Are we finally drifting away from middle-aged girl gang ups and teeth-baring toxicity? I almost don’t want to put it out in the Universe for fear of it not coming true.

Something had to be done about the cast after Season 12 went down in flames. Garcelle Beauvais’ son was cursed at and had malicious things said to him on the internet. Kathy Hilton was accused of a racially-motivated mental breakdown that either didn’t happen or the CIA has taken top secret measures to remove all traces of the incident. We had to endure Diana Jenkins. I mean, damn, RHOBH asked a lot of their fans to watch that mess.  We should receive some type of gift card compensation in the mail from Bravo.

Then we get the incredibly wonderful news that some spots have opened on the cast list. Diana is out, thank goodness. Now she can focus on her sentient mannequin stare and growing family. But the departure that really caused us to clutch our pearls and gasp out loud was Lisa Rinna’s exit announcement. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated the partial deconstruction of the Fox Force Fiasco.

Now Kyle Richards has commented on Rinna’s final bow. According to Page Six, she’s very, very sad, you guys. While hosting an Amazon Live stream, Kyle said, “Lisa brought a lot to the show on her eight years of being on, and regardless of what happened last year — people have very strong feelings about what happened last year — regardless of that, she brought a lot to the show.” Aren’t these super kind words for someone who literally said Kyle’s sister Kim Richards was about to drop dead? Does Kyle have any recollection of Amsterdam? Man, that Kyle sure does have a forgiving nature. Unless your name is Lisa Vanderpump. Ding dong.

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Kyle added, “I will say [Rinna] was always very supportive of me in my personal life and my business life. Any time I was producing a show or in a movie, whatever it was, she was always extremely supportive and we had a lot of fun. So, it’s a big loss for me personally.” Big personal loss for Kyle. Huge loss of someone who did little more than antagonize her actual blood relatives.

“It’s very strange to think that she’s [Rinna’s] gone, and I’m not someone who likes change,” Kyle explained while simultaneously trying to figure out how to start shoving John Mellencamp’s daughter down our throats again. Remind me, was Kyle this upset when Kim left the show? Was this kind of loyalty from Kyle ever shown to Kim or Kathy?

Welp, looks like Kyle might have to actually work next season. Lisa won’t be there to get her hands dirty for Kyle. Lisa won’t be there to yell at Kyle’s sisters for Kyle. Lisa won’t be there to help lead the storylines for Kyle – by the way, what is Kyle’s storyline? And what about poor Erika Jayne? Who will defend her for only thinking of herself? The winds of change are blowing through Beverly Hills. I wonder if anyone else is worried about who might be blown away next.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]