Vanderpump Rules

5 Reasons To Watch Vanderpump Rules’ New Season

It’s almost time for some old favorites to return and by that I mean television shows, not the physical age of favorite Bravolebrities. If a show has been on the air for a long time, it tends to become a bit predictable and stale.

We do NOT have to worry about that for the upcoming 10th season of Vanderpump Rules. It is coming back with a vengeance. By all accounts, we will need to buckle up to endure the drama of divorce, new hook-ups, and whatever pricey purse Lisa Vanderpump will sling over her arm. Here are 5 reasons to get comfortable, prepare a fruity adult beverage, and watch the messiness.

5. Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s Divorce, Duh…

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are no more, except they are still under contract and filming a show with attractive people – and you know what that means! My goodness the rumor mill has been a busy bee the past few months with Katie allegedly dating a younger man – hopefully all of his parts and pieces work. Tom may or may not be getting busy with, well, quite a few people as Tom does. The Bubbas were together for 12 years and it will be interesting to watch them navigate the ins and outs of this very adult situation.

4. Opening of Schwartz & Sandy’s

Tom Sandoval and Tom 2 are finally getting their dream on. After 836 years of pushing drinks for LVP, Tom remortgaged his home and sold some colored contacts so he and Schwartzy could become… bar owners. Viewers watched in Season 9 as the plans came together, slowly but surely. Despite not taking any of Katie Maloney’s advice, it looks like the restaurant managed to open in July 2022. It will be fun to see if Tom and Tom’s Hunter S. Thompson vision came to fruition and it will be nice to add another location for cameras to capture some major drama.

3. James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss Move On

Right, so James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss broke up on the Season 9 reunion stage, officially. After admitting to not having sex for ages, completely drifting apart, and James having a new girlfriend approximately 5 minutes after the engagement ended, this will be incentive to watch. Will James’ new girlfriend annoy Raquel? Will Raquel even notice under the shadow of allegedly hooking up with both Peter Madrigal and newly released Tom Schwartz? Will Tequila Katie appear in the night and go after Raquel’s neck in a rage of jealousy? I don’t know but I will absolutely be watching to find out.

2. Scheana Shay’s Mexican Wedding Madness

Scheana Shay is marrying her baby daddy in a location wedding. Yes, she made an honest man out of Brock Davies, and we will simply ignore the fact that he has a porn star name and a penchant for ankle boots with heels. While pretty much no one likes ‘ol Brock, he is the daddy of Summer Moon and I suppose we will have to tolerate him until Scheana finds a reason to wrap him in a cocoon of shame like her first husband and send him on his merry way. BUT, the destination nuptials had a great deal of upset, according to media reports. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright may or may not have been there. Katie and Lala Kent might have caused a stir. Personally, I can’t wait to see if it all happened on Scheana’s special day.

1. Raquel Leviss Comes Into Her Own

After being brutalized by both her ex-fiancé and Lala, I’m going to say Raquel finally deserves a moment. If you had been through the ups and downs of James Kennedy’s attitude, substance abuse issues, and general pissy demeanor – you would deserve a moment as well. Raquel has paid her dues on this show and it looks like a lot of the drama will center around… exploring new opportunities after a break-up. Fans might be taking sides on Team Katie or Team Raquel on this one, but to be fair, Katie has a problem with a lot of things, so Schwartz and Raquel allegedly hooking up is just something to add to her list. That said, I will absolutely be watching because I am here for it.

Aside from the above, I’m sure we will also be treated to Lala bashing Randall Emmett at any given opportunity. Lisa will float around giving generic advice and attempting to wrangle these folks. Hopefully some baby playdates to distract us from the debauchery of living life in the fast lane. Will you be watching??


[Photo Credit: Trae Patton/Bravo]