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Oliver Saunders Defends Raquel Leviss Amid Vanderpump Rules Scandal; Says “You Gotta Give Her A Break”

Oliver Saunders might have been hoping for 15 minutes of fame when he signed a waiver to appear on Vanderpump Rules. What Oliver got was about 5.5 minutes and an additional reason not to consider him a trustworthy individual.

When Rachel Raquel Leviss went on her journey of self-discovery, she found her very close friend’s man instead of enlightenment. At some point in 2022, Raquel and Tom Sandoval decided to partake in a sordid affair. Apparently, the thought of being honest with anyone who could become potentially damaged from their backstabbing was not an option.

Because Raquel and Tom had to keep their lust under wraps, they began the fine art of covering their tracks. This required a few volunteers from the community to act as a shield which would deflect any curious thoughts that Raquel and Tom were in fact going down to Bone Town every chance they got.

The esteemed list of choices ranged from Tom Schwartz to Peter Madrigal, and then there was Oliver. Garcelle Beauvais’ son already created a stir on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and now he was up to bat on Pump Rules. Oliver found himself on the receiving end of googly eyes from both Lala Kent and Raquel. Ultimately Raquel won out and she shared a steamy kiss with Oliver that seemed more performative than sexy.

Once Scandoval broke, Oliver’s moment in the sun became very shady because he was now the last thing on anyone’s mind. I guess he needs to remind everyone he exists because Oliver is speaking on the drama that rocked Bravo and he wants people to lay off Raquel. Hmmm, I wonder why that is.

According to People, Raquel now has two supporters on her side. Well, three if you count both of Sandoval’s faces. And what fine upstanding guys to have as backup, said no one ever. Yes, Oliver has thoughts on how Raquel is being treated and he doesn’t like it one bit.

On an episode of The Sarah Fraser Show podcast, Oliver said, “It rubs me the wrong way how many people I feel like are so quick to judge or say negative things about somebody without really, genuinely knowing the person. You gotta give her a break.” This request comes to you via a man who allegedly cheated on his wife.

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“It’s a mistake, and we all make mistakes,” said the guy who “made a mistake” while he was married. Look, I get it. The message isn’t horrible but the person delivering it is making himself look foolish. Garcelle, please come get your son and ask him not to make words with his mouth.

In an effort to make himself look worse, Oliver likes Ariana Madix and said she “seemed like a sweetheart,” but that doesn’t negate his fawning over Raquel. Sir, she has moved on from you, please stop.

He didn’t stop. “I guess it wasn’t the right thing to do to one of her friends, but she is living her life, and everybody makes mistakes,” Oliver added. “It’s crazy that so many people want to try to crucify her for this or say this about her as if they have never made a mistake or made the wrong choice before. It’s a human thing,” he continued.

Is Oliver trying to convince himself? His estranged wife? The general public who is on the receiving end of advice from one cheater about another cheater? Is he speaking in cursive, what the hell is this interview? “Yes, she shouldn’t have been hooking up with our friend’s dude, but we all make mistakes. I don’t think you can really judge somebody’s whole character by just one action that’s happened.” One action or six months of active lying?

And oh boy, it looks like we will see approximately 3 more minutes of Oliver on VPR. I…can’t wait. He said, “We do have an episode that’s coming out in the next week or two, I believe. I went to Pump with my mother and Lisa [Vanderpump], and then me and Raquel went out to dinner in Beverly Hills. We spoke a little after that, but you know she’s got a lot going on.”

Thanks for the warning! Be sure to stay tuned to watch Oliver further incriminate himself on an upcoming episode of Pump Rules.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]