5 Of The Funniest Real Housewives!

Thank goodness for people who have a sense of humor. We don’t necessarily watch Real Housewives for comic relief. However, it definitely comes as a relief when a funny person unveils their penchant for the art of making someone laugh. It’s both a gift and a curse. A Housewife can be known for being the “hilarious one” and they’re expected to always be hilarious, despite what might be happening in her personal life.

Real Housewives of New York alum Bethenny Frankel is a perfect example. She was fresh, raw, and hungry for fame when she started the show. It’s no secret her one-liners and imitations of other cast members launched her into the fan-favorite stratosphere. But as time passed and Bethenny experienced health struggles or legal issues, she wasn’t as “funny” anymore and people resented her for it. Others might be hilarious once the alcohol starts to flow. Regardless of circumstance, we love our comical ladies in all of their various forms.

Let’s take a minute and appreciate some of our favorite Real Housewives who kept us amused and coming back for more.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta / Porsha Williams

Consider me a member of the “Missing Porsha Williams” club. She left Real Housewives of Atlanta, but Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip was blessed to have her in the current season. I almost forgot how entertaining Porsha can be. Season 10, Episode 5 – Kim Zolciak’s son had his face chomped by their dog. Kim had said something unsavory on social media about John Legend tickets. I know I don’t have to remind you. Kim was whining because she thought Kenya Moore was talking about her kids. Porsha was trying to empathize with Kim’s plight and agreed Kenya shouldn’t be speaking on Kim’s “injured son and hoe daughter.”

If you haven’t seen Porsha’s dissertation on RHUGT co-star Candiace Dillard’s square tissue, it’s must-see television. The “cryangle” has indeed become its own character and should probably get a check. Porsha has incredible comedic timing and is effortless in her delivery. She never appears “prepared,” which only adds to her natural skills of hilarity. Seeing her again on Ultimate Girls Trip has been refreshing and I, for one hope, she makes a return to RHOA.

Real Housewives Of Potomac / Karen Huger

RHONY had a Countess and Real Housewives of Potomac has the Grand Dame. Karen Huger is glamorous. She is the epitome of elegance unless she’s drinking shots. And Karen is on one of the funniest casts in the Real Housewives franchise. With co-stars like Candy and Gizelle Bryant, it’s difficult to narrow down who entertains us the most. But if there is a crown, it would be placed on the head of Karen because she’s earned her stripes.

She is legendary in her interview segments and never disappoints in a group, but one instance stands out in particular. Picture it- Season 3, Episode 5. A summer barbeque with no napkins as a slight breeze wafts through the Mid-Atlantic skies. Karen took her place at the end of a picnic table and, without warning, her wig suddenly became sentient. As the hot sun beat down on the heads of the ladies, deep in conversation, Karen’s wig was planning an escape. She lost control of the wig as it fought against being secured on her graceful dome. She finally tamed the beast as her “friends” were barely able to control their laughter. It was a moment fans will never forget and one Karen wishes she could forget. Thank you, Juan Dixon’s girlfriend’s twin. Don’t ever change.

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Real Housewives Of New York / Sonja Morgan

Lady Sonja Tremont Morgan is a mistress of seduction and connoisseur of not meaning to be funny. She doesn’t have a stockpile of quips like Bethenny, but Sonja only has to live to amuse us. It might be helpful to mention most of Sonja’s ridiculous playfulness stems from bottomless wine glasses. RHONY Season 12, Episode 7, Sonja and Leah McSweeney are in a corn maze. Son drops trou and proceeds to water the grass. Then she took some corn for good measure.

Back to Season 6 when we found out Sonja also has dentistry on her list of expertise. At a summer soireé held by Luann de Lesseps, Sonja is consuming food and her tooth falls out. She rushes to the restroom armed with a pack of interns and the will to stuff the tooth back in her face. Aviva Drescher watches in fascination as this woman at the top of high society’s food chain tries to wrangle the now angry tooth in her mouth. Sonja says, “If anyone’s gonna understand you’re losing a body part, it’s gonna have to be Aviva.” No lies were spoken on that day.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills / Kathy Hilton

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Kathy Hilton is an interesting one. Fans appear to love Kyle Richards’ sister. Maybe because anyone against Kyle is seemingly favored. She charmed her way into viewers’ hearts with her crazy rich lady antics. Not knowing her home staff’s name. Navigating social media seems to be a difficult challenge for Kathy. And no one will forget who Hunky Dory is. But sometimes you have to wonder if Kathy’s whimsical spirit is more put on than a natural gift.

Regardless of how you may feel about Kathy, it would be a disservice to everyone not to mention the now iconic Season 12 Homeless Not Toothless monologue. Dorit Kemsley introduced her co-stars to her new charity. We don’t know who named the charity, but clearly, branding is not their strong point.

During an episode where the ladies are fighting, which would be every episode of Season 12, Kathy attempted to throw water on the flames. She mistakenly called the charity Toothless and Homeless and at that moment, Garcelle Beauvais was all of us. An offended Dorit lashed out at the group and Kathy said, “Honey, I’m so sorry. I have worked with the homeless. I have worked with the toothless.” It was a historic moment for some, but a regular Tuesday for Kathy.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta / NeNe Leakes

This one made me sad. I wish so badly NeNe Leakes hadn’t blown up any chance of reconciliation with Andy Cohen. Obviously, it wasn’t her choice to leave RHOA and NeNe was never very good at hiding her feelings. While we may never see NeNe again on Bravo, her time on the network was legendary. NeNe made RHOA what it is today and walked so people like Porsha could run. To leave her off this list would have been an actual crime.

Much like Bethenny, NeNe’s funny turned into something else after she became uber-successful. Her ego changed and her attitude changed, but she was still hilarious. Life threw some curveballs at NeNe, and again like Bethenny, she didn’t have as much light to support a comedic demeanor. However, none of that negates the fact that NeNe put RHOA on the map and was very important to Bravo at one time. In fact, NeNe’s personality was so infectious, she went beyond the boundaries of reality television and stuck her toes in the waters of Hollywood.

NeNe’s type of funny was kind of a lifestyle. She would say something and fans would incorporate it into their regular vocabulary. It was always snarky and it was always spot on. Remember Season 6 and Kenya’s white refrigerator? A nation of people suddenly had to hide the color of their coolers because NeNe was so appalled at Kenya’s fridge. She made her mark in the Season 1 reunion when she advised Kim to “close her legs to married men.”

I remember, moments before Kenya was gone with the wind fabulous and threatened to punch someone, NeNe said, “Oh hell no. I know that dress ain’t got you thinking that kind of sh*t.” Then we have the entire gifted Rolex scene from the guy who had seen too many Martin Scorsese films.

The truth is, there are too many memorable funny NeNe moments to list. Her departure in Season 7 definitely left a hole, though the cast has carried on well in her absence. But NeNe fans do miss new contributions to her legacy of absurd joy and mirth.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]